Wednesday, February 4, 2015


February 2, 2015.
Imbolg (Imbolc / Feast of St. Brigid / Candlemas)  and Groundhog's Day!

Seems, even if you want to call it and celebrate it as Groundhog's Day - it's still a celebration of the RETURN OF THE LIGHT (the sun!)  This "time of the year" is the half way point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox.  ...and haven't we all been saying to each other, "the days are getting longer".

I celebrated Imbolg at home Saturday with the seasons first good SPRING CLEANING.  I put on some nice music, got out the steam-cleaner...and sub-consciously acknowledged St Brigid as the woman of Hearth and Home.  Just as you would clean and prepare your home for a guest....this guest is going to be the return of the sun.  The sun brings back all the LIFE to the bees, the garden....

This is the time when I more "seriously" look at those seed catalogs that arrived in January.  I saw a cute quote from someone on FB.  "I still buy like I have 100 acres!" (regarding seed catalogs)  Yes, there's a tendency to over-purchase from those things!  I'm thinking of dragging husband to the Garden Show in Madison over Valentines weekend.  My favorite vendor will be there, "Seed Savers"....I'd do it as a matter of purchase-control.  I think I'd buy less off the shelf.

I ordered 4 Russian Queens for my hives - due for arrival last week of May.  I worry about the bees from November to April every year....  There's NO TELLING which hives will survive.  Maybe all - maybe none.  Next month is the most precarious in their winter schedule - we call it the "starving month".  I've got some emergency measures in place - all dependent on what kind of weather is coming.

The turn is toward the light days of the year.  The sun returns!  yeah!  From now until spring planning time, making lists, setting goals.  Spring Equinox (when day and night are equal) will be the time to put plans into action.

2015 resolution

my 2015 resolution is BALANCE.  for me this means living between TWO WORLDS.  the digital / plugged-in world: my work - graphic design - hours and hours spent looking at SCREENS and the unplugged world: my home - beekeeping, gardening, husband and "kids" (dog & cat) and all-around "nesting"....oh and stick in some bagpiping.

i've decided to GET BACK TO my "celtic heart" and follow the celtic calendar as a matter of setting and keeping a timeline / reminder and setting GOALS.

it's "shocking" to see how long it's been since i've blogged.  it seems "facebook" has consumed more of my social outreach/connection these years.

Monday, September 17, 2012

winding down

visiting the gardens/yard of the "old house" this weekend, i realized the season is winding down already.  the gardens/flowers past peak ...and dry, grasses gone to seed heads.  the purple asters signalling the end.  the beehives BUZZING with activity - stocking every nook and cranny in the hive with winter stores.

the DJINN tree (a gnarly old boxelder of many seasons that has fallen and regrown...and regrown) acknowledged me as i dug out onions.  (it "talks" as it's branches creak and moan in the wind).  for those of you who don't know me via facebook....i'm attaching an image of what it LEFT me a month ago.  this time (digging onions) - it reacquainted me with my hair cutting scissors - how it made it outside - i don't know!

a whole year

here we are almost back to the "pheasant hunting" post!

what have we done this year?  we've settled into our new business location and we're DONE - got PAVED - got GRASS growing.  scheduled the open house - working on my mailing list right now.

meanwhile WE MOVED HOUSEHOLD!  ok - still moving.  we started labor day weekend.  we moved the basement this weekend....and have the BEE/GARDEN house yet to go.  the BEES will move in the spring when there are less of them.

the person that bought ours...moved into a clean house.  we moved into (his)...and it needs work before i can call it home.  CLEANING foremost.  PAINTING - every room.  i've been doing it room by room.  the back right bedroom - cleaned, painted, windows "trimmed" with stain...and on my way out the door - ALL the hardwood - cleaned, paint removed and waxed.  so many of these rooms are missing the final course of wood flooring...and trim!  just never done in 25 years...  the wood pieces are stashed in the house - just have to be cut and applied.

we've been there three weeks and so far it has a new roof, new basement steps...and the DECK is going on this week.  as the excavator pulled the soil away from the house - i see that we're living in a sandbox!  sandbox...means...maybe good for potatoes and carrots...all those root stocks. (as long as i can get water and nutrient to the garden)

i don't think i'll be gardening yet come spring.  new land has to be opened up.  i'll want to watch the sun for a season to best LOCATE the garden....keeping in mind the water situation.

i'll be doing research on guinea fowl/chickens this winter.  i have my eye on an abandoned corn crib...for a roost i think.

Monday, July 2, 2012


Sitting by the hives, enjoying the rumbling of storms going through to the north.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

early morning pheasant hunt

i just walk enjoy watching the DOG!  don says, "DODGER - you're the hunter....I'm the shooter".  i don't think dodge has made the connection yet with WHY we're out there in the field yet.  we NEED to take him to a place where we FOR SURE GET/FIND birds (even if we have to pay for them).  he LOVES the gun - very responsive to that...but no linear thought of ....BIRD - BANG - FIND - BRING.

oh - he's brought us a bird (his first grouse was last year)...but - i think he flushed it by mistake.  his M.O. seems to be run around and stomp on something.  he instinctively runs left and right in front of us....but he may be smelling mice and rabbits for all we know....for all he knows....

here's a shot of some LONE OAKS....  have you noticed that a lot of oak groves are dying?  their tap root is SO DEEP....and the water tables are changing....the deep water - disappearing....

Thursday, October 27, 2011

TWO essentials

FRIENDS...(those of you who know me - i'm a bit geeky)  YOU NEED TO CHECK OUT:  PREY.  installing this bit of FREE programming on your mobile devices does this....IF YOU LOOSE YOUR DEVICE...or MORE IMPORTANTLY....IF IT'S STOLEN.  A laptop/phone with a camera on it will REMOTELY ACTIVATE THE CAMERA and GPS tracking on the will start emailing you the location and images of the thief as soon as they go online with it.  even if the device doesn't have a camera - it will still locate itself.

LASTPASS  i've looked at other programs like this in the past - but they've been "bulky". Lastpass is also FREE.  isn't it "convenient" for windows to automatically save your passwords for websites you like?  did you know anyone with a flashdrive and a little "program" would take about 5 seconds to grab every one of those off your computer?  LASTPASS grabs them in about equally that amount of time and encrypts them.  it installs right in the head of your browser...