Thursday, January 22, 2009

typesetting aids

typesetting aids are wonderful aren't they? corrects our spelling, capitalizes for us....

when i made my first "experimental" gauntlet - of course you do your own first - in case you screw up - right? i was getting nervous as the thumb was approaching (this whole thumb thing is what made me put this pattern down 4 years ago!)....the directions said - cast off 15 and put on a holder. ok - no problem.

then it said: "cast on 1st to replace the stitches on hold using a twisted e"...bla bla bla. (the "st" being one of those cute little upper register placements)

now - i read that as 1st being FIRST. so i'm thinking - cast off 15 - cast on 15. 30 STITCHES IS WAY TOO BIG for a thumb!

yup....second time around on "someone elses" gauntlets - i'm staring at that line for about 30 minutes. i'm looking at other glove thumbs - looking at my work - looking at others...i just knew 30 was a wrong number....

then it came to me - TYPESETTING AIDS! 1st - was really "1 STITCH". it all made sense now....

Saturday, January 17, 2009

winter storm - kansas city

kansas city - here we come.....two girls and a car load of electrontics (gps, laptops, ipods, cameras - heaven forbid we get unplugged) the trip down was INTERESTING. it was so BLIZZARDLY COLD that we saw a good 3 dozen SEMI trucks - stranded (frozen) on the sides of the roads. there must have been a doozy of storm the day prior - cars, trucks all over in the ditches - and one SEMI truck that managed to miss the overpass pillar but WEDGE his whole rig up under the bridge! i can't imagine what that sounded like.

we're here for business and monkey business. terri has clients to see - terri has work for me and i'm here for WINTER STORM (bagpipes and drums). yesterday i sat through about 30 competitions (pipers and drummers), captured quite a few digitally - which i'll share with the band mates. today - THEY are doing classes and i'm doing some shopping (reeds, books, drum stuff - oh my!)

tonight is the concert - world class pipers and drummers and competition winners awarded. i put $10 in on a bagpipe raffle (only 300 tickets)....oh - cross my fingers.... and then of course there will be the party after. funny - we're challenging each other to stay up past 10:30!...maybe we can sneak a nap in before time.

i'd never driven down this way before. southern iowa - into missouri - very nice, hilly, hardwoods, lots of open country. the water in the ponds is still frozen, but we started to leave the snow accumulation behind right around the border. i think my bees would like it here.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


...still trying to see where this whole blogging thing goes. i just went to the list of where you can view other bloggers with the same interests....

and i found that i'm alone - no one else is interested in bagpipes and drums.


blogging interactivity & d's world

re: WORK admittedly - i'm "experimenting" with this blogging thing - to test it and see if this sort of interactivity will work with the website clients. i have one client who wants to keep in touch with her clients with monthly promotions and news....we'll see. i have to have something to "SHOW" when i set this whole thing up.

re: BEEKEEPING read the most interesting book (devoured it really) - "ORGANIC BEEKEEPING". great thought process - i can't wait to try it this year. as of two weeks ago, all four hives were still alive. SPOILER: there's an assumption that the local honey producer is organic...not so. NO chemical treatment takes place when the supers (with people honey in them) are on them - but the bees are treated before and after the nectar flows - this is the standard - it's what everyone does. well - i didn't know any better before this book. definitely a re-read & reference often book. i'm going to "build a stronger bee" in 2009.

re: HOMEBREW (and offshoot of the bee thing). i bottled my first batch of MEAD (honeywine) in December. it's VERY good...dry - not too sweet. there are many surprises about my first attempt at homebrew that i'll come back and cover more fully.

re: FIBERARTS....i have a great pair of gauntlets started (for someone's belated xmas gift) you can still give gauntlets in summer - can't you? using up some of the "fun" yarn for decorative finishing. there's just something about working with those little it.

re: BAGPIPES & DRUMS the other reason i had TIME to devote to learning dreamweaver over the holidays...i was sick with a head cold that just wouldn't go away (15 days!)....and in just two weeks of not bagpiping - i lost my capacity. so the pipes are with me at work this whole week as i try to rebuild. piping on my lunch break or while the machines are setup and running. a friend and i are going to Kansas City next weekend for a combination WORK/PLAY weekend. we have business there - customers/vendors....and WINTER STORM (bagpipes and drums) weekend. there are classes - but i'm going as a spectator to enjoy (can't forget earplugs - bagpipes are wonderful OUTDOOR instruments) there are many a pipemajor losing their hearing.

thought process this morning....check seed supplies - start planning gardens.