Friday, July 31, 2009

Web Gallery

For those of you who like to see pictures...I added "My Web Gallery" to the sidebar.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


We'll (don and I) be going to IRISHFEST SCHOOL, August 10-14. I'm signed up for 3 areas: Bodhran, Flute and Whistle. Don is taking his FIRST EVER accompanying guitar.

For me, long time blower of woodwind instruments....I'll be learning THE STYLE OF PLAY. (Embellishments, phrasing....oohh...I HOPE I CAN KEEP UP!) I purchased a couple of additional instruments, which I'll be taking. Though I already had a tin whistle - I got onto a "brand" of whistles on the internet: SUSATO. I got another high whistle in D, a LOW whistle in D....and a "weird" LOW whistle in E flat. (why E flat? - i figured out that I can play this whistle WITH SCOTTISH HIGHLAND BAGPIPES) plays in the same key! They're a heavy plastic...and they have a really nice SWEET sound.

Don - doesn't read a STITCH of music (though he knows the "basic chords")...and he's never played with anyone else. He's a wonderful "by ear" player - and not just a strummer....he has some nice finger picking styles. My guess is that he'll learn WHY "groups of chords" stay together - and chord transitions - and some different rhythmic patterns. Again - since it's Irishfest School - he'll learn IRISH STYLE....jigs, reels, airs, hornpipes, strathspey....

I hope the teachers are "patient" ....and good. I hope I chose the right classes!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


i've been periodically harvesting and storing herbs. i find that the best way to harvest/dry them is to TAKE TIME TO DO IT RIGHT-away. i strip the leaves/flowers/seeds from stems - thereby decreasing the volume the things take up in the house. in a somewhat thin layer - put the leaves on paper plates and leave out on the counter to dry. within a week, they'll be dry and you'll be able to "grind" them in your coffee grinder to whatever consistency you like.

i store them in plastic baggies (and in the dark cupboard) until and if i find a nicer container for gifting/whatnot.


here's a picture of a successful graft. there's a couple of earlier blog regarding this subject. i'm very excited to try this again this next February/March. I'd very much like to graft over as much of these trees as possible.

Powder Puff Derby & a new word i learned

Last week, Terri and I entered/joined in a powder puff fishing derby on Lake Michigan. The night before a storm system blew through here and out over the lake. a late call the night before from capn' joe said, "TAKE DRAMAMINE" (oh - icky).

Boats went came right back in (but those gals were "old" and we were "young"). we were also on THE HEADHUNTER II (and it's BIG). ok - so the capn' said those were just "rollers". but combined height with trough looked A LOT like 6' to 8' waves.

NO FISH! we were going over them according to the bites. i think the fishing derby MAYBE registered 30 fish (some of them caught in the harbor!)

my new word? CHUMMING (that's the act of blowing your stomach contents overboard) apparently this is a good thing - appeases the fish gods?!?? i'm sorry - i don't buy it. we had one gal "pop"...and i just had the "reflex" then i was over it. but EVERYONE was green around the gills...even the capn' admitted to taking precautionary measures.


My "pet" name for RYDER. his sister still hates him. i guess she (limie) was an only child for too long. we really trying to break him of his 4:00 AM "wake-up" mode!


this is a HUGE plant. i remember planting it "awhile ago". i think the first time it came up - it didn't blossom - so i wasn't really sure if it was a weed or not. i moved it and split it when i saw how big the leaves were.

here it is in it's glory. it's 4 to 6 feet tall.

backyard evolution

here are some pictures of the backyard to date. things are flowering...and according to the bees - smell irresistibly sweet! (borage and oregano)