Sunday, August 30, 2009

pitty for sore putties

POOR Ryder! See his little glowing eyes in the back of this picture? the blanket-runways are for his sore little putties! he was declawed in the front this last week. he's one sore putty-tat this weekend.

Rest, rest, rest - little guy. We don't HAVE to play right now.

daddy's boy

here's a picture of RYDER's favorite position....on daddy's shoulder. the two of them are out in the tall grass exploring.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

a REALLY good find

since i'm in the honey bizzzzz - i'm constantly on the lookout for honey pots. WHAT A STEAL! i found these hand-made beauties at the UWFDL Prairiefest Rummage Sale (where i gave my beekeeping presentation!).

How Much???? ONE DOLLAR EACH!!!!

Dilly Beans...the first batch. i might have to do this AGAIN tonight.?

Mom says....DON'T COOK YOUR PICKLES! (or pickled items) the book calls for a 10 minute water bath - forget the book and listen to MOM. take them out of the bath when they FIRST START to change color. that's about 5 minutes for dilly beans. they'll be NICE and CRISP.

Lion's Head

what is my fascination with cats....large and small? i'd say: i have many cat-like qualities. this is one of my totem animals.

don picked this guy up for me at eaa this year. he is currently guarding the patio door entrance - through which the morning sun rises.

the symbol of the lion's head often appears at water sources: springs, fountains, wells. this symbolism has traveled from egypt where the ENTRANCE OF THE SUN IN THE CONSTELLATION LEO coincided with the rise of the NILE - thus bringing new LUSH LIFE to the valley.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

irishfest school follow-up

school was good. my flute class was canceled - something about the inability to obtain visas.? flute was at the same time as don's guitar class - so i filled in with CALLIGRAPHY (concentrating on the font UNCIAL - which is the "IRISH" looking font you so often see). i'm not new to calligraphy - but i found it to be quite enjoyable and relaxing. it was really nice to have 2 designated hours to hold a PEN (instead of a mouse).

i noted quite a while ago that my skill with a penmanship....has gone down the toilet - i blame it on my daily use of the keyboard and mouse. many times when i'm writing (with a pen) - i have to go back an fill in letters that i skipped over - it's like my brain gets ahead of my hand.

it was suggested that next year they might bring back a "related" class that they've had in the past...ILLUMINATED LETTERS. now THAT interests me!

slow, methodical lettering can be a sort of MEDITATION....very relaxing.

where has the summer gone?

here it is - august - and we're getting our july heat. the beans in the garden have TAKEN OFF! beans - what a GREAT plant a little row....and they give you SO MUCH back.

what do you do with so many beans? ....make DILLY BEANS! mmmm....

i like to plant varieties of POLE BEANS - they take up less room in the garden and they make for interesting (and shady) arbors.