Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Ryder thinks he's an OTTER! Here he is this morning (his first snow with us). He was LOVING the huge drifts (deeper than he is tall!). He was digging and playing and running (trying to). He stayed out the whole while we shoveled...and didn't want to go inside.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Gauntlets are DONE! I had to rip these out 3 times before i "figured out" the thumb. i know, i know - it's NOT that difficult - hind site being 20/20. but the PATTERN WAS WRONG! (well - i interpreted it wrong).

for anyone that knits. 1 ST means ONE STITCH.

BUT - thanks to "typesetting aids" that computer programs provide (fix your spelling and capitalization for you...) when "they" had typed this pattern and put "1 ST" - the typesetting made that "ST" into a little above the line "superscript" so it LOOKED LIKE 1st (FIRST)!

Well, they're finally done and i NOTED the correction on the pattern - the second one went REALLY fast! and now i have BAGPIPING gauntlets. I made them just long enough so that i can still reach and cover all the chanter holes! I have a little "winter" gig coming up this next weekend and i'll need them.

I practiced with them on yesterday - good thing too! Bagpiping is one of those things that requires your FULL attention - the slightest distraction and it's all over. They will take a little getting used to....i mixed in a little fuzzy wool...and they're a little scratchy.