Thursday, January 28, 2010

Who's thinking about bees in January?

I am! I've been a BEE-sy girl making powerpoint presentations for our BEEKEEPING 101/102/103 classes and other presentations. Re-reading all I can to get "new-BEES" started out on the right foot. NOW is the time of year to BEE thinking about getting hives assembled and painted - getting ready to receive the girls. Maybe I want to BEE a full-time beekeeper when I grow up?

Other beekeepers - do family and friends give you all kinds of BEE gifts? This one is irresistible.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I have a PRESENT for you!

Here's our BIG BOY with his 3rd mouse (poor little mouse - they are so cute!)

He wants to come in and share it with his family....NOT!

He is so very proud.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

i HEAR you!

saturday the 9th and the sun is packing some POWER today. the snow is all sparkly and powdery. i needed to visit the honey house for some beekeeping things....for a presentation coming up in February to a group of BOW (Becoming an Outdoor Woman) ladies.

so i trekked the little distance further to visit the girls. i'm REALLY liking this beehouse! (i can hardly wait to FILL it!) the hives are high and dry - plenty of ventilation in there...and they knew too that the sun was out. there were quite a few flying around in there or hanging outside the entrances. There are very few bees dead in the snow and very few "stacking up" on the bottom board.

i was concerned that this COLD snap would take it's toll on them. THEY HAVE TO BE ABLE TO MOVE FOR they need a little "warm" winter day here and there to move as a cluster.

passing one of their favorite crab trees on the way - i noticed - BUDS! nature is truly amazing!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Returning Sunlight.

We're coming back into sunlight. (after winter solstice)

We actually participated in a WINTER SOLSTICE CEREMONY this year with a friend - and we made some new friends! (a Mead and Wine Brewer! - we had a lot to talk about.) The "ceremony" was personal, pleasant and SHORT. It was totally geared toward the rebirth of the sunlight and the turning of the world/cycles/seasons.....I thought of my bees - the queen, sensing the longer days will start laying eggs again.

I must be of the "bee clan" or "bear clan" - I definitely tend toward HIBERNATION in the winter months. Not because of the cold, but more because of the dark - I'm just more sleepy - liking to curl up with a warm blanket and a book, knitting or an ipod. That's ok...'cause when summer comes around again - I can go a million miles an hour again. Oh - the long days of summer - when you can "play" outside all day and come in at 9:30 dark with dirt and sun.

I caught myself looking out the back patio door the other day - imagining the snow gone - and what NEW things I have planned for gardens. (whoa - kinda early for THAT, I thought!) I'm thinking about projects to entertain my husband...hee hee....

It's not that nothing NEW is happening. Gardens are being planned - the seed catalogs are arriving - REMINDING you of spring ahead. Knitting projects include some nice new wash towels for MY kitchen. My book diet has been toward herbology, nutrition, dreamweaver (websites) and what I call "brewing"...soaps, tinctures, salves, balms (this kinda goes with the garden - I try to add at least one new medicinal herb to the garden each year.) and...I recently discovered the world of PODCASTING....and I'm a junkie. Lot's of NPR, health and wellness programming.

We took a nice walk in the "Kettle Moraine State Forest" yesterday morn - and I FAILED to take the camera and I kicked myself for it. I'll have to "owe" you some pictures.... We are currently dogless....and we're looking. Enjoying the woods is more pleasurable with a dog. I say TWO husband says ONE - we'll see.