Wednesday, February 17, 2010

yesterday is not today

so full of energy yesterday - TOTALLY racked out today.

New Helper at Work

here's a picture of our NEW BOY! He's helping me in the sign-shop (his first day "home"). We went to look at some female lab mix puppies last week....but this guy was two doors down....a stray. We just fell for him (in spite of both of us having our prejudices about male dogs) We can hardly believe no one claimed him! HE'S SUCH A GOOD DOG! He's probably a year and a half-ish....some type of lab mix - the only white he's got on him is about 10 hairs behind his left ear. He's got a GREAT coat for hunting.....i'm thinking ahead to combing the burdocks out of him.

Now - the test....maybe this weekend....see if he's gun shy. He doesn't seem much too shy about anything else - i don't suspect a problem.

The cats - are curious. He's curious about the cats...BUT NOT IN A CHASE DOWN kinda way. i'm suspecting an upset for a couple of weeks.