Monday, April 26, 2010

LIVE! wood duck nesting

here's a link to view a LIVE STREAM of a wood duck a wood duck house....outside my friend Terri's home in Sherwood, WI.

to bring you up to speed: she's sitting on her clutch of eggs by day - goes out for a feeding around dusk.... by day - she'll "rest"...and turn the eggs periodically.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

hey - give me ((*@&#$)...and I'LL GROW FLOWERS!

i haven't come here for a while...cause I'VE BEEN SO BUSY! my mom came in here a couple of weeks ago and did this little "nanny nanny" thing about how all her potatoes and onions were IN already. yes - i GOT TO ME. (but i didn't let her see it - yes i'm competing with my mother!)

it's been over 3 years since i added any "nutrition" to the this year i got 3 BIG HUGE SCOOP FULLS OF (you know). there's a big farm operation just south of here that produces so much (you know)...that they have a DIGESTER. it goes in as waste and comes out a commodity! ....nice thing for gardeners is...NO WEED SEEDS!!...the stuff gets so HOT in the process - everything bad is killed.

...learned another little "farmers almanac" thing from mom too. "30 days after the FIRST thunder and lightening of the year - will be the LAST frost". i made note....we had a little thunder-boomer a week or so ago....

anyway - everything got torn out - soil amended - and put back. house beds are done....and the herb garden got it this weekend. YES - i got my onions and potatoes in 2 WEEKS - it'll be the cool weather seeds into the BIG garden.

2 new packages of BEES got hived today! i tried a "new method" as per the April BEE CULTURE magazine. it's called a "no shake method". (you need an extra empty hive body to do this) install the queen (still captive in her cage) into the 2nd box - with all 10 frames in it. shake a few bees over her...then PUT THE ENTIRE PACKAGE OF BEES in the BOTTOM EMPTY BOX with the lid off - and let them crawl up to the 2nd box and settle in. (sugar syrup bucket on top as normal - so you have what appears to be a 3 high hive) in a couple of days - i'm to go out - remove the bottom box and the empty package cage....then remove the cork from the queen cage and release her...

i have to say - it was quite "peaceful". it was windy and a bit chilly i appreciated not having all kinds of bees flying around. i guess this method can be used in the rain too.