Tuesday, May 4, 2010

the first harvests

the first harvests are starting. DITCH ASPARAGUS...and MORELS!

spring tonic.

ryder came running!

our morning routine is to "breakfast" with the sliding glass door open....to let the cats "MOSEY" out and do their "hunting" thing (we don't let them bother the birds though). they primarily just like getting out in the grass.

the other morn...we were sitting at our counter...and RYDER CAME RUNNING IN ....and went straight downstairs. we both looked at each other and said, "hm - must of had to GO" (the scat box is down there). he was down there for the longest time....then we rethought...maybe something scared him. we looked - saw nothing unusual.

then i went downstairs....and found out. he had a HUGE MOUSE! our little hunter boy - scores again! he was just playing with it.....