Monday, June 7, 2010

grafts & bees

in the graft the upper right quarter - on the smaller "branch"....note the TAPE - that's the graft.

Friday, June 4, 2010

BOW - may 2010 - wyalusing state park - wisconsin

we "gave 'er everything we had" to both ENTERTAIN and EDUCATE 24 women of all ages and backgrounds. my buddy terri and i were the hosts to a BOW (Becoming an Outdoor Woman) event called, BIRDING and WILDFLOWERS. terri is the birder - i'm the scavenger. when their necks got sore from looking up (for birds)...we looked to the ground (for wildflowers) i treated them to a WELCOME via bagpipes - they were surprised. saturday night we enjoyed the sunset at the indian mounds overlooking the confluence of the mississippi and wisconsin rivers. i entertained with native stories and the sun dropped below the horizon. sunday culminated in a riverboat/birding tour - eagles and other birds of prey.

this event filled in less than two weeks when it was posted and we had twice as many as was originally was a GREAT group and we had a lot of fun. i'm just guessing here...but i bet there will be another next year?!?! we had a couple of gals from OHIO...they drove over 8 hours each way! wow - go BOW gals!!!

SO MANY new things

i've been a PLANTING MANIAC at the house this spring. with the "extra" time i that i'm taking some time from bagpipes and drums....i've planted ~ 40/50 trees and shrubs around the property. some are geared toward creating a PRIVACY hedge between properties. of stipulation i had with the landscaper in picking out cultivars???....THEY HAD TO BLOOM (for the bees).

the bees...OH MY! they're doing good. i've caught 3 of my own swarms so far!....and started new hives. one was HUGE....two were smaller (which i think i'll combine this weekend) the girls are MAKING HONEY! one hive with 3 supers on already.

one batch of bluebirds has already fledged...and i noted "mom & dad" checking out a "new" box today....i moved some boxes around. BECAUSE!!! THE NEIGHBORS ARE RAISING ENGLISH SPARROWS IN THEIR BOXES (THIS IS A NO NO NO NO NO...and i'd really like to use a few explicatives as to how i REALLY feel about those )(*(*&#@$(*&)(*#$)* birds!. i's survival, bla, bla...everything has a right to live, bla bla.... english sparrows will enter the nest of swallows and bluebirds and kill everyone inside and proceed to lay their nest right over the destruction. i've seen it. you open the box to check and everyone's been pecked to death....

i gave the neighbors a sparrow trap to keep them out - with an explanation, "if you want swallows or bluebirds you have to keep $#!7 birds out". maybe they don't know the difference...they apparently don't care.... so anyway...i moved my boxes - so that i can monitor them more closely. the english sparrows all leave the yard when i step outside....i didn't say they're stupid.! this went GREAT this year too. probably HALF of the grafts have already taken and pushed out FLOWERS (apple blossoms). last year - it seemed as though they didn't take until about august when they pushed leaves. i think i was better at "both parts" of the grafting process this year. i was MORE SELECTIVE as to the scions i chose....and to which bases i grafted....maybe that made a difference - i "knew" what i was looking for? i can't wait to see all kinds of different apples - on one tree!

i will attach some pictures soon - to back-up my claims made here. the "garden" is shaping up real nice. yesterday at noon lunchtime - we went home, ate. while don (husband) was taking a powernap....i read a book out by the was WONDERFUL.