Monday, August 16, 2010

what have i been doing in my SPARE time?

HARVESTING and STORING and FREEZING and PICKLING - every other day it seems.

tomatoes aren't looking so hot - way behind in turning red. i've already got a SHELF-FULL of pickles! (can you LIVE on pickles? i think they have negative calories!?!)

(picture: herb harvest. some dehydrated (culinary), some in oil, some in vodka (for medicinals))

green dragon

this guy POSED for me this morn on the cement in front of the shop. got to really TEST the macro features on the camera :)

it's ALIVE!

making MEAD - technically a "METHEGLIN" (an herbed/spiced honey wine)

mmm...the house smells of citris as it ferments and zest and spicy tea....