Thursday, December 30, 2010

EGGIE in a basket

remember in the movie "V" - "V" is frying these up in the kitchen....he calls them "EGGIE IN A BASKET" (i might have also heard these called TOP HATS??)

for fun - use a cookie cutter to cut the bread out of the center - butter your pan (liberally) - place your cut-out bread in - crack an egg into the opening (i break my egg yolk)....let 'er fry up a little (brown/toaste on one side)

take the whole thing up with the spatula/flipper and with your other hand - throw another dab of butter down (yes - it's a balancing act)....flip your "eggie" to fry/brown the other side. i squish mine down with the flipper - squeezing any egg out...cause i want them DRY/done.

meanwhile - i'm also "toasting" the cut-out part in the pan with it...then i decoratively top the eggie with it's inside cutout.

dress as you like it....(husband likes maple syrup!) it's a little hard to see - but i use a STAR.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

the big tease

i've got "trouble" brewing (or baking) tonight....i'm going to have SO MUCH FUN. check back for a picture or two tomorrow! nanny nanny.....