Monday, February 21, 2011

How many times do you swallow during the night?

About once an hour...because that's how many times I'm up so far tonight.

SORE THROAT....SO VERY VERY VERY SORE...RAW BLOODY RAW....DRY - RIGHT AT THE BACK OF MY MOUTH....My Ears Hurt, My Jaw Hurts, My Teeth Hurt. When I swallow I want to HOLD MY HEAD together.

The last time I had this - this bad was IN IRELAND! About half-way through our week and a half throat turned RAW like this - I figured it was from the "canned" airplane air.

I just HAD to get up for ibuprofen....I must be feverish now too...tender across the kidneys.

SO - NOW - all of you can appreciate the fact that you swallow about once an hour while you sleep. The animals think it's pretty neat that I'm up. Ryder (the cat) is purring along. Dog curled up on my side. Thank goodness "daddy" is on the couch with his own "back problem" tonight - or I'd be DRIVING HIM CRAZY....

)(#*$...I'm driving ME crazy.... come-on IBUPROFEN!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

It'll grow back...

This is my second donation to LOCKS OF LOVE. Mom managed to grab 16"'ll take me about 3 years to get this back - grows pretty fast. I figure when it reaches my's time to go. Time for someone else to enjoy it.

For those of you who are crying, "OH NO" for my loss....IT'S STILL LONG ENOUGH!!!!

Daddy and Dodger take a Break at work

This is Dodger's FAVORITE. He's not a "rub my belly" kinda dog.


He straightens out his hind legs and points his toes (like a ballerina on point)

Works as doggy hypnosis every time.

it's ALIVE!

My first batch of "DUMP MEAD"...meaning - I took (what I thought) was an appropriate "proportion" of honey - added water and yeast.

No real measuring. I just wanted to "see" if it was relatively easy to make alcohol...and IT IS! There's no doubt that humanity stumbled upon this process by accident....I'm sure a barrel of apples filled with water from a leaky roof...and jack!

It's BUBBLING AWAY like a science experiment!

I didn't bother SKIMMING the honey water this time - I want to see what this does to the flavor (skimming is: warming the honey water and SKIMMING off the white foam that rises to the top...over and over and over 'till - I guess - the result is "clear" honey water.)

Meanwhile in the background of this brewing process...I'm going to STUDY UP on what some of these brewing additives are actually chemically DOING to the wine. There's stuff to add for "PECTIN CLOUDING" or to "AID IN CLEARING"....WHAT to add, WHEN and WHY are my current underlying questions.

oh and - I didn't mention...that I ADDED - LOOSELEAF CHAI TEA to the mix....for spice.

bubble, bubble, toil and trouble.....

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


A Batch of Pear/Ginger Soap...curing. I'll wrap them and make them "pretty" this weekend.

I was afraid to make soap...I studied for a couple of years from the books - seemed complicated and maybe a bit "dangerous" with the LYE and all. Now - I could whip up a batch in my sleep. It's more "forgiving" than you may think.

So easy....

Johnny BEE Good

Thanks Jim - for my BEE pillow for Christmas. (for the big kid in me ;)

He's the perfect height for resting a book in your lap....the wings cradle your book.

He's very soft and cuddly...a good pillow for when you have a headache and your whole head just hurts....

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Remember this little glass BEE (skep shaped) candy jar? At least - I'm guessing it's a candy jar because there isn't a cut-out for the dipper.

It's been re-purposed for the counter. It's now housing HONEY BUTTER.

mmm....HONEY BUTTER....the best of two worlds.

Ratio: 1:1 Soften (don't MELT!) some butter, squeeze in some honey and mix in a covered dish...and ENJOY!!!