Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's funny

It's funny reading previous posts...after TIME has progressed.

Re: SORE THROAT....I'm VERY GLAD TO BE "OVER" WALKING DEATH! It's been forever since I sought treatment for anything...and boy how "medical technology changes!"

I walked in with a SORE THROAT - doctor took one look and said, "YUP - throat infection" - walked out with a prescription - filled it right there.

ONE Drinkable DOSE thingie! 24 hours - GOING... 48 hours - GONE!!!!

yes - one 4 oz dose of antibiotics in a "banana/cherry milky" substance thing. TIME RELEASE! how do they do that????

Spring 2011

Everything but the temperature outside is SCREAMING
S P R I N G !!!

The animals are starting to SHED (the vacuum and broom tell me so), the trees are BUDDING and have been for some time. The migratory birds are back and there's SPRING BIRD SONG in the air....and of course there's the FIRST SIGN OF SPRING...the arrival of ROBINS (some weeks ago). (regarding which I recently heard an "old wives tale": The robin's nest has to be snowed on three times before Spring truly arrives.) This weekend makes THREE!!!

So far - it looks like I'm bringing 2 out of 6 hives through winter. (that's not great). But what IS that I've just REALIZED something about these bees.

They're my ORIGINAL STOCK from 4 years ago. WISCONSIN SUPER BEES!

So - my #1 goal for the 2011 season is...MAKE QUEENS - SPLIT HIVES - BRING THESE GENETICS FORWARD!

I'm going to sacrifice PRODUCTION for STOCK...