Monday, September 26, 2011

HJC Sy-Max II Helmet Failure - webBikeWorld

HJC Sy-Max II Helmet Failure - webBikeWorld

Yes this happened to latch failure!  Returning from a ride...midway the latch would not catch.when I'd gotten home and could examine further...3 screws fell out.

This p's me off to no end...hjc has taken my life into there hands if something had happened.

Their cavalier ' boxed' response's out of warranty though it has very few MILES in it!


Thursday, September 15, 2011


so...i think it was 2 years ago now that i asked mom what she wanted for xmas/birthday (they're close together). she said she wanted to go to COOKS CORNER. cooks corner is a big KITCHEN OUTLET kinda store.

between her not wanting to travel unless weather conditions are PERFECT...and me WORKING...we FINALLY SCHEDULED AN APPOINTMENT. yesterday.

so - last week, mom and i were discussing the upcoming trip....and she asked if we could go visit " MARY " ????? there's a little place up in CHAMPION WISCONSIN that the virgin mary has been seen, miracles performed and is SANCTIONED by rome (the only place in north america!)

who knew!!! now - people who know me, know i'm not a religious fact i'm a "bit" ANTI-DOCTRINE. but.....i know that this is important to mom.....she's "gone to mary" many times in her life for strength.

so - a trip to cooks corner was now a PILGRIMAGE!

i picked her up in the dark of morning (6 am)...and we're off. first stop - MARY. though i don't put a name to the goddess energy - i still appreciate it - i picked a bouquet of garden flowers and brought a gift of honey to lay at her altar.

mary was cool. i sat and appreciated the energy of her presence...i thought of life and growth in it's many forms.

for those of you seeking this place - google: OUR LADY OF HELP, champion, wisconsin.

Cooks corner was fabulous - kitchen tools, gadgets, "gourmet" items - that you never knew existed and didn't realize YOU NEEDED! :) ha ha asked - is there a "U-BAKE" up here? googled my droid - got directions and off to U-BAKE appleton we went. bought flours for baking bread...and some stick in the oven and bake sweets for my sweetie.


then off to lapps bee supply in the aft to pick up jars (for my OTHER business - to do some LABEL BUSINESS with mr. lapp (for my REAL JOB -


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cough cough

450 miles away...the boundary waters of northern minnesota are burning and the smoke has made it all the way here.  I closed the house this morning...thinking one off the neighbors was burning garbage.

hazy...nauseating all day.   Down in the ' valley' of fond du lac was even worse...the ' ledge' trapping it below...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The house

The house still hadn't gotten over the smell of salsa from last's batch number 5...chunky....


Ahhh...the life of a domestic cat.....

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

deception pass closed forever

...that's the last line from the book, RIDERS OF THE PURPLE SAGE by ZANE GREY. i read this book (because it was free (ipod)....but) moreso because it was my dad's FAVORITE BOOK. i have remembrances of him on a warm summers evening sitting at the kitchen table with a zane grey book cracked open. he had the COMPLETE HARDCOVER COLLECTION.

Riders of the Purple Sage...was the most "broken in"....and he at one time commented that it was his favorite.

...i'd read another zane grey book. the author is quite descriptive (and loving) of "the west" - he really takes you there. his characters are rich and complex.