Thursday, October 27, 2011

TWO essentials

FRIENDS...(those of you who know me - i'm a bit geeky)  YOU NEED TO CHECK OUT:  PREY.  installing this bit of FREE programming on your mobile devices does this....IF YOU LOOSE YOUR DEVICE...or MORE IMPORTANTLY....IF IT'S STOLEN.  A laptop/phone with a camera on it will REMOTELY ACTIVATE THE CAMERA and GPS tracking on the will start emailing you the location and images of the thief as soon as they go online with it.  even if the device doesn't have a camera - it will still locate itself.

LASTPASS  i've looked at other programs like this in the past - but they've been "bulky". Lastpass is also FREE.  isn't it "convenient" for windows to automatically save your passwords for websites you like?  did you know anyone with a flashdrive and a little "program" would take about 5 seconds to grab every one of those off your computer?  LASTPASS grabs them in about equally that amount of time and encrypts them.  it installs right in the head of your browser...

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