About me

dabbler and "ologist".  (Geology, Micology, Herbology, Biology, etc)  Most of what I read is for reference or for further understanding the world around us...fossils, rocks, trees, wildflowers, weeds, insects, birds, weather, symbols....what do you want to identify?  If it's not in my brain, it's just a page away....

My "spare time" activities could include: knitting, reading, candle making, organic gardening - harvesting - storing foods/herbs, pouring product (dsbees.com), bagpiping or playing flute(s)/whistles.

My hands and mind are usually busy.  My husband tells me that I constantly have "something in my ears"...and he's speaking of podcasts...hey - if i'm vacuuming - I might as well get some education out of it right?  (I don't generally watch TV unless it's NOVA)

Favorite podcasts: NPR programs, PRI programs, Tech & Gadgets, and paranormal (the "ology" of what is unseen)

I guess I would say - I have one foot in the REAL world and one foot in the TECH world....seeking balance between the two.

Starting Over!

deleted posts back to 2008.  time flies....and i REALLY WANT to do this blog thing better!.  since 2008 we've moved our business locatio...